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Marine Sector

Presentation of Marine Services

The various phases of specific involvement in the segment of marine activity are as follows:

1. Engineering project work and associated specifications.
2. Supply of related equipment, namely:
- Electrical Equipment – Circuit Breaker Protection up to 6300A, Power Management Systems, DC Supply Systems, Motor Starter Panels (MCC’s), Power Systems, Power Factor Correction, Synchronizing Systems, Drives and Soft-starter Systems.
- Automation Equipment – Generator Automation, Valve Control Systems, Variable Speed Pumps, Monitoring and Alarm Systems with UMS (Unattended Machinery Systems), Machine Propulsion Control Systems, Security Systems, Dynamic Positioning Systems.
- Instrumentation Equipments – Tank Level Measurement.
3. Project implementation (hardware and software), Switchboards, Distribution Boards, Motor Control Centres and Automation Cubicles.
4. Installation.
5. Commissioning.
6. Class Approvals (where applicable).
7. Maintenance services, Tests and Calibrations of the above equipment.
Gestene, Lda in collaboration from its factory’s and strategic partners, can offer a set of services and equipments refered above to the level that the customer may require, namely:
1.Turn-Key solutions – Here the essential of the project and time schedule requirements are defined with the customer, thereafter the built-up of the system, approvals, installation, commissioning and system start-up will be our responsibility.
2. Solution based on equipment – The understanding here with that the project work has been performed by another entity, but the project implementation and start-up will be done by us.
3. Engineering and project – In this case the systems project work conception and documentation would be our responsibility.
Important reference: All software systems are of an open architecture, therefore permitting future expansions, without limitations or brand exclusivity.

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