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Gestene - Electricidade Industrial, Lda


Gestene, Ltd – an ISO9001:2008 certified company, has been in the market since April 1991. The company mission statement and quality policies are defined as follows:


To Increment and Consolidate our market presence both Nationally and Internationally.


To be a technological partner to our customers, in that they see in us the expertise necessary for a continuous relationship.


To ensure customer satisfation and loyalty. Garanteeing total compliance with the customers requirements and other interested parties, as well as legal, estatuary and regulations. Garanteeing a especialized service, adequate to the specific requirements of each customer, in the following areas:

                 Marine Area - Electrical tests and certification of protection equipments;

           Mining Area - Project, installations, technical assistance, electrical equipment maintenance and M.V. cable installations in suspension mode;

                 Industry - Planned maintenance in the plant´s electrical equipments;

                 Systems Integration - Project, assembly and electrical wiring of MSB and MCC's.

Maintain a continuous quality improvement policy of the services rendered and with our equipment sales.

Incorporating an awareness into our procedures the availability, positive atitude and motivation towards our customers which make up our fundamentals to develop our organization.

Persue to obtain from our suppliers and other parterns competitive advantages, controling our technical quality for our products and services.

Gestene, developing its activity in the Electro-technical Field through product representations and sales, project work and technical services, specializing in two main areas, namely in the Energy Distribution and Automation segments of the market.

Our main areas of activity are:

Marine Sector

Industrial Sector

• Mining Sector

Energy Sector

Tertiary Sector

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